Professional Development May 2, 2013
Thinglink: Make your photos interactive. Take an important photo and use Thinglink to add hyperlinks to relevant sites. The photo can then be shared through email, edmodo or a variety of sources. WARNING: Contains a Facebook Component, so creating at school may be difficult, but it should still work once it is embedded into another source. Free and open to use at school. If you find that it is blocked in any way, PLEASE REPORT IT TO KAREN/STEVE to have site opened, no reason for it to be blocked unless blocked in error.
Go to thinglink

For a great wiki about how you can use thinglink in your classroom, see

Wordle: Allows you or students to create word clouds which creates an interesting visual reference for a body of text or speech. The word cloud is created by the amount of times the words are repeated within the body of text, therefore it is useful when trying to teach or explain key point in the given text. Free and open to use at school.

Edmodo: Social Learning site. Great site for encouraging online discussion , posting assignments and communicating with students. Open and free to use while at school! Need an email to set up teacher account and a group code will be generated so that students can enter your classroom discussion. Some teachers are already utilizing it in their can ask around for lesson plan ideas. Free and open to use at school.

Animoto: Video creation site. Set up an account and go to the "education" tab. Filling out this form will offer you a promo code for a free educational trial. Watch the video and get started...very easy. Also has a facebook component so it may be difficult to create videos at school.
keepvid: Installs on your computer so that you can download videos (from YOUTUBE) and play them on your own computer, embed them into a website, etc...this is what we've been looking for!!

Wall Wisher: Make message boards, bookmark favorite information and discuss on "one white sheet of paper." It is now called padlet.

QR codes:

Great wiki about how to create, read and use QR codes:

QR Voice: Seeing all those funny pixel images everywhere? Those are called QR codes and they can be played from your mobile device by using a QR reader. This site allows you to make your own QR voice codes. Fun way of transferring information.

Technology and the Common Core-PETE&C 2013

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